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You Can Be Right But Your Bank Account Will Be Smaller!

In this episode I’ll share two real stories of how allowing myself not to be right made me a ton of money! You can adapt this strategy in your business right now and profit big time from it.

10 Responses to “You Can Be Right But Your Bank Account Will Be Smaller!”

  1. Tresa says:

    Wow!!!! What great memories! (especially seeing the old “handbook”)
    Happy New Year, Jim!


  2. Jeff Newton says:

    Good pointers and good stories. It seems that some people are so tight fisted, that they can only see the money that is right here and now — not in the pipeline. Everyone wants more business walking in the door 3 months, 6 months or a year down the road, but the trick is making sure you pay forward with good will.

  3. Charles Ogar says:

    Good lesson, I would think you want to make sure you’re taking care of high value customers in the examples you stated in your video. This could even be a marketing strategy if you followed up with the customer after a period of time and asked for referrals.

  4. Raphael Love says:

    Customer service and being able to satisfy your clients and customer referrals are the G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T form of simple marketing that you can do to build your business and relationships.

  5. Rodger Grant says:

    You’re so right here Jim. There is no point in upsetting your customer even though he’s is the one to blame because at the end of the day your costumers are the ones with the money. Building a good customer relationship is an very important in order to succeed and in order to so going that extra mile is an absolute must. Investing in your customer relationships really is one of the best investments you can make, you might not see the results immediately but like you said it will definitely pay of in the long run.

  6. Miracle says:

    I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dpisaly!

  7. damon says:

    Better stick to “customer is always right” statement. Seriously, if we value our customers, they will be coming back because ot high quality service. You’re absolutely right Jim.

  8. susan says:

    Wow! Fantastic memory you have. When people feel that they are treated well, regardless if it’s they’re fault or not, at the end of the day it all comes back to one thing which is value is equals to profit. If we put ourselves to our customers’ shoes, definitely they’ll bring their business to our doorstep.

  9. lauren says:

    You did it again Jim! We’re all consumers and therefore, we want to be taken care of, pampered actually. This sure is a very entertaining video Jim, I did enjoyed it a lot.

  10. You have addressed one of THE most important concepts that every business owner needs to absorb and apply. Your two stories were excellent examples of what can happen when you consider the lifetime value of the customer rather than reacting only to the situation of the moment. Too often, I believe the owner (or whoever is handling the customer) lets ego get in the way – not wanting the customer to “get away” with something. But if ego can get set aside, as you did, to help the person feel valued and important, the benefits are HUGE. In the bigger picture, anytime we can help another human being feel good about him/herself as a result of interacting with us, positive things will come out of the exchange.

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