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Why You Need LLP in Your Business

In this episode I tell you about a great strategy that I have used countless times to add more value for my customers and more profit for my business.

12 Responses to “Why You Need LLP in Your Business”

  1. Joan says:

    I agree, getting to know your customers is extremely important to insure you don’t only provide the best value to them but also so they can provide the best value to you. When you can provide your customers with everything they are looking for there is no need for them to look somewhere else which means maximum profit for you. Make sure you can always answer this question: “What is the absolute number one thing my customer wants to achieve?”.

  2. Indy says:

    I agree, the thing your customers desire most, the goal that he has in the back of his head, could be completely different from what you at first think it is. For instance, when you are selling a PPC blueprint it could be that the person who buys that has no interest in becoming the next PPC legend/guru at all but that he just wants to be able to make a steady income so that he can quit his job. You have to anticipate on this when selling your product, you don’t want to scare your costumers off with promises like: “with this you will become the next PPC guru”, when in fact that’s not their goal at all.

  3. Mehnaz says:

    LLP= Listen, Learn & Profit. It seems to be a brand new theory. 🙂
    Your experience suggests us to follow your shown path. Thanks.

  4. Nicole Stuart says:

    We must keep clients coming back for more that’s why we need to find ways to make this happen. Jim sure did gave me a fantastic advise here. I am looking forward to seeing more videos like this. Thanks a million!

  5. Norman White says:

    I always keep in mind what Jim has to say in his videos. I personally think that they are very useful since I’m new with my business. i commend you for a job well done!

  6. eric says:

    In our small business, we definitely need feedbacks from our customers. We want to make sure that we will cater every aspect of their needs. In that way, they don’t have to look any further.

  7. Kindsey says:

    Kudos! What a neat way of tihkning about it.

  8. Jordan says:

    It is really nice to see you answering the questions. This thing will let you be connected with more customers as you are very caring to them.

  9. davis says:

    Hey there i liked your video and just wanted to take 2 mins of my time to say thanks it was just what i was looking for anyway keep up the good work and you will see me soon:D

  10. Charles Ogar says:

    This listen, learn, and profit strategy can also be used in getting testimonials from your current clients to use to increase your conversions with your prospects. All testimonials are not created equal! FACT: Some testimonials will resonate more and be more credible to a specific kind of prospect that other testimonials. Listen for the doubts, skepticisms, concerns, hopes and desires of your current clients (these will be the same for your prospects). Learn how to get testimonials that overcome each of these barriers. Profit by implementing these specific testimonials are specific kinds of prospects that will resonate a lot more with them personally and emotionally.

  11. Dr. Carney says:

    The nice thing about this episode, the LLP is that it’s true, 100%. So many times owners, don’t LISTEN. They think they know what their customers WANT. Yeah they think they know. That’s like me. I think I know what my clients want, but boy am I usually surprised. I give them 110%, and they say, “That’s not what I wanted.” So back to the drawing board I go. So this episode is what I call right on. And I have to say, I learned something about marketing my products just from the five minutes I spent with you. Your a real GEM and I wish you the best. I am looking forward to the new book, and by the way, Why aren’t you using all of these questions to write a book, kind of like Chicken Soup for the Newsletter Soul? Just an idea from a man of vision to another man of vision. I wear glasses.
    Dr. Carney

  12. I admire business owners that put themselves out there with their customer base, who truly listen to their customers, the good, the bad and the ugly. It takes guts, but is greatly rewarded.
    Develop a strategy to regularly get feedback that goes beyond surveys. A fellow mastermind member, calls ten customers per week just to chat. Never knowing exactly where the conversation will lead, some real gems appear. It builds a strong relationship when customers feel they are heard. As a result, many improvements have been made. That’s the key, act on the information you have been given.

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