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Use QR Codes to Connect and Build Relationships!

In this episode I talk about how to use the latest “cool” technology to connect with your customers and prospects in a fun way!

18 Responses to “Use QR Codes to Connect and Build Relationships!”

  1. Manny says:

    I really have a blast watching your videos because they are so educational. Each video is great and I learn a ton each time I watch one.

  2. Jim says:

    Once again you amaze with another amazing video. I think you hit a homerun with every video you post and I can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Kate Hewlett says:

    “I always stay up late just to know more about the topics that interest me the most. This is very striking. I found my favorite past time site. Thanks!

  4. Keisha Sean says:

    “This video says it all. I commend this site for so many positive reasons. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mary Alex says:

    “I’m new to this QR codes and this gave my all the information I need to know. You actually gave me a big help. I’m looking forward for more articles from this site. Thanks.

  6. Donna Saunders says:

    “Anyone who will visit this site will have the same view such I have in mind. Not only this applies to almost all of the person that I know of, it’s because it really does work. Really worth my time.

  7. Bart Gregory says:

    “I actually had second thoughts in viewing this video, but then it moved me. I was wrong. This definitely changed my point of view about this topic.

  8. Mariah Tracy says:

    “I spend most of the time on the computer when not working. I was having my coffee break when I caught one of my colleague viewing this site. Just to make it short, you’ved really put your heart into this topic because it helped me make the biggest decision that I have to do, tell you, it’s a success! Thank you very much!

  9. Paul Cole says:

    “Very useful. I will definitely recommend this site to all the people that I know. Two thumbs up!

  10. Alicia Peters says:

    “Totally fantastic! I’m going to start recommending this site to my friends. Never had I seen such a succint information on video.

  11. Philip Paxton says:

    “My friend told me to visit this site and I never did regret it. It’s worth my time since all of the information is true. I will keep recommending this site to all of my friends!

  12. Dick Mary says:

    “If not for this site, I would still be looking hours and hours to get the information that I need. Very concise and just really great. Thanks and best regards!

  13. Harris Ford says:

    “Simple to understand eventhough it has so much information. I hope all the guests to your site will continue to patronize your good work. Thanks for all the help!

  14. Jim, Great seeing you in Chicago. You’re right about the QR Codes. I have been using them in my Newsletter for about a year now.

    David Cathers

  15. Salam says:

    The fact is that, this video deserves to be shared with all. I am just speechless…awesome…

  16. Raphael says:

    Jim, it seems that you have struck a nerve with me here. I did not think that the codes could actually catch on. But now I think there are real possibilities.

  17. Grace Ma says:

    Hey,Jim.I really like your video.you teach me more about increases the business.that’s very helpful for me.

    That’s fantastic!

    I llove your cute dog.

  18. Joe says:

    Jim my friend i love you videos , they educate me in so many ways .

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