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The Importance of The L.A.G. Effect

In this episode I teach one of the strategies that I personally use to continuously grow my business.

4 Responses to “The Importance of The L.A.G. Effect”

  1. Hal Hoadley says:


    I just wanted to say Thank you. Your message today is important and I hope many people hear it. I know too many people that spend thousands of dollars on information and never apply what they learned or read about. I was one of those people until I met Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Bill hammered the term “Implementaion” so much that I got the message, finally. And thanks to them that is how I got to you. keep up the good work.
    Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Brian says:

    As always Jim – a quick and great message LAG! Never LAG behind that’s for sure and go EAGLES!

  3. Randy says:

    Hello Jim,

    You pointed out something really important here that unfortunately almost 99 percent of the people who start out a new business seem to forget. The problem is that most people eagerly read and buy products about the field they want to start their own business in but then fail to apply what they have learned. It really is the “take action” part that distinguishes an entrepreneur from the average Joe. I’ve always wondered why some people fail to take action even though they probably have more than enough knowledge to succeed.

  4. Yassin Poel says:

    This really is bottom line to success. So simple yet so often overlooked. I also have to agree with Randy above me that it’s often not the person who knows the most but the person who has the guts and the drive to actually go for it and implement what he or she has learned that is the better entrepreneur. I also believe that the best way to be successful is not to learn and then apply, but to learn while you are applying. Just start out and learn while your are doing it, it’s ok to make mistakes in the beginning. You can learn more from your own mistakes than you will learn from any text book.

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