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Surviving the Shiny Object Syndrome

In this episode I’ll share how a recent encounter with a smart entrepreneur saved me from charging full steam ahead after a shiny object when in fact it may have harmed my mission!

10 Responses to “Surviving the Shiny Object Syndrome”

  1. Anne Perez says:

    Thanks Jim for this timely reminder for those of us who suffer from the shiny object syndrome. I’m learning to control the condition but it’s not easy.

    Great bloopers – had a good laugh. Thanks for showing us that it’s ok not to be perfect on video.

    Have a great week


  2. Jim,
    Loved your message. Such an important one as we get bombarded by the next great idea/strategy or look at what someone else is doing and think we should try THAT. I appreciate the reminder to look within our own business and the strengths we already have that we can leverage and take to the next level.

    And you final blooper had me laghing out loud. Thanks! Glad I’m not the only one who has to do re-takes.


  3. angela says:

    Great advice! Wonderful idea to look at our strengths in out businesses and focusing on that. It’s great to not “keep-up-with-the-jonses” with all the new/bigger/better and put it into what we have!


  4. Dennis West says:

    I don’t know about you but managing is actually one of my favourite things about coming it up with a new products. It’s just so exciting to see your idea turn into a real business and I honestly don’t understand why someone would resent that. If you’re looking for something to take your business to the next level it doesn’t necessarily have to be a new product. It could very well be a new managing strategy, a new marketing campaign or something else. Those things are just as exciting to think about as creating a whole new product.

  5. Keisha Sean says:

    Focus is really important. Of course opportunity will continue to persistently knock at our doors but we must not be distracted. I agree to you Jim that we have to assess ourselves deeply if we are on the right path to success.

  6. Adam says:

    Great show , great advice …

    I loved it , keep it up 😀

  7. jones says:

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this — exactly what I have needed! Awesome.

  8. Mark Whyte says:

    The shiny object syndrome is one that has plagued me for years. You see there are 2 different types of people here:

    1. Guys like you who have a good thing going but get a bit bored or want to try something else, when in reality they should double their efforts on what they are doing now. Double, triple or more their revenues and then they can do what they have always dreamed of doing with the new profit.

    BUT, wait for it,

    2. There are guys like me, who have some good skills and internet and even offline marketing “chops” but have never gotten anything really started to make any real money. So, uh-oh, here comes that shiny object and BAM it’s off to make IT work. When, just like you, I should double down on what I’m already invested in doing and make it work.

    Frankly, it’s an insidious battle…

  9. seth says:

    I agree 100% It took working personally with a Tony Robbins coach to get me out of shiny object syndrome (although I still succomb once in a while). It’s all about focus. Read the book Good To Great. You have to figure out your hedgehog concept – what you can do better than anyone else, and your bhag – big hairy audacious goal. Then when the shiny objects come in – make sure and ask “Does this further my bhag? Does this work with my hedgehog?” If it doesn’t – don’t do it, or pay someone else to outsource it for you!

  10. Dr. Carney says:


    Amazing video. I was actually taking notes. I’ve found over the years that you look for ONE GEM. Find that GEM, and your time was well spent. As I listened to you, I thought of Acres of Diamonds. You know it’s a classical story and it hits home, just like your video did.
    And here’s something else I thought of as I watched your video. You’re in the perfect position to ASK your subscribers to mastermind with you. Now how cool is that.
    I personally think if you read each and every one of these comments, you’re going to find ways to make more money, the easy way without chasing the next shiny object.
    Refocusing is good, and that’s exactly what your videos do for US, your subscribers. It keeps us Focused on what we need to Focus on. I’ve learned that you want to pick one or two things you excel at and then become the best, because when that happens, all of a sudden you can ask your PRICE and GET IT.
    And you also talked about getting ADVICE. I’ll tell you a little secret. I’ve been studying self help for years and I finally realized that the Bible tells you to GET ADVICE from a number of people to be successful. Solomon did it and one of the little secrets I learned was something someone told me about Proverbs. I’ll tell you about it some time. This one little secret will make you a millionaire and it’s almost done that for me. Not yet, but I’m getting closer by the day.
    And most of all, I have to tell you, your Bloopers are the best part of your videos. Sorry, but they’re entertaining and that’s what people want. They don’t have attention spans, so when you’re videos are 6 minutes long, you’d better have something for me at the end that is going to make me WANT to stay on your site til the end, and your Bloopers are the answer. All kidding aside, great job.
    Talk soon,

    Dr. Carney

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