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Profit from R&D!

In this episode I tell you about a strategy to get some amazing new ideas from your staff on how to grow your business!

11 Responses to “Profit from R&D!”

  1. Sonya says:

    Hi Jim
    Think this is a big one for every business. It’s always the way, one head can do something, many heads can do “Mega Things”. The creativity behind you and your staff is very powerful and often missed.
    Good one and thanks for all your great ideas, I’m so glad that you shared this one.
    Sonya 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Good stuff Jim. I want to incorporate video in my newsletters and web site after seeing yours. Keep up the good work!


  3. Raphael Love says:

    Having the freedom to develop inside the organization is what made google the success that it is now. I need to implement this in my business with my marketing staff. This is something that really has the potential to create infinite possibilities for a staff.

  4. Arrien says:

    This really is a great and proven concept. Google, for instance, does this as well. Every week or so Google’s developers get some time of from their regular projects to come up with their own ideas. They get to develop them and sometimes even release them to the general public for further testing and developing. That’s how Google Labs came to be.

  5. Masnoon says:

    Hi Jim, I have something very new ideas from you. And this episode is also going to be very helpful to me. I hope to be wished by you.

  6. Kirsten Schmidt says:

    Being a front-liner means everything to a business. I am currently working as a customer service representative for a telecommunications company wherein I have to take in calls everyday, then one of my supervisors summoned me. She has embraced this idea and it turned out to be great. Not only she made me feel that she is concerned about me personally when she asked me what I think about things, I also felt that I represent and contribute to the success of the company.

  7. Paul Cole says:

    It really feels great when a manager works side by side with you. How he comes down to your level and how he appreciates your ideas and views. It will also make your staff be loyal to the business. Well I am!

  8. Igor says:

    Hey Jime nice episode , i learned a lot from you….

  9. millger says:

    thank you so much for these videos! They are very educational! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! .Keep it up Jim.

  10. Andrew Mazer says:

    Hey, Jim. Focus time on R & D is a great idea. Over the years I’ve had several cars where the radio was either stolen or broken and I went for months without any radio, cassette or CD player. I’d drive in silence everywhere. These were probably my most creative times and when my business took it’s largest growth spurts. Recently my car battery died and an anti-theft mechanism locked the radio. I decided not to get it fixed. It’s time to get back into my silent driving mode again to initiate high-achievement thinking!

  11. Cindy says:

    I “get” the concept of getting ideas from your staff on how to make the business better. My question goes one step further. Let’s assume that an employee comes up with a brilliant idea and it makes the business a boatload of $$$. Should / would this employee be compensated or rewarded for this idea? Should/would they recive a portion of the sales or profits from this idea? A plaque? A gift certificate of some sort? What do bigger companies do about this type of issue? (I am a solo entrepreneur with only a part time office person.)

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