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Pay No Attention to Their Comments!

In this week’s episode of Newsletter Guru TV I’m sharing another valuable mindset tip for entrepreneurs. There are two things that often affect growing business owners and it’s important to keep them in check!

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8 Responses to “Pay No Attention to Their Comments!”

  1. Ken says:

    Dear Jim, I also own a newsletter publishing business, have been operating for over a decade. Came across your weekly video two months ago (watched every episode over the Xmas break. It has motivated me to buy all your books! Not only that I have started my own weekly show targeting one of my markets real estate. So far three weeks down the track I have had 50 inquiries from real estate agents and have sold three annual subscriptions to my program. Thanks for the input and the motivation, and yes you are right your videos have worked so well I feel like I already know you … keep up the good work as you have become a part of my weekly motivation!!!! Regards Ken Robinson, Lake Macqaurie, Australia.

    • Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru says:

      Hi Ken, thanks so much for your nice note, glad that I can be part of your weekly motivation! Stay in touch, Jim

  2. John Davis says:

    Great video and wake up call!
    Who did you have create your caricature?
    John Davis

  3. Olov says:

    Great work! I look forward to every week’s video of yours – but this was the best so far! Keep up the good work. I like your attitude that rubs off on all us that watch you.
    Six stars!

  4. sheharyar says:

    You inspire me to go for it!

  5. Dan says:

    Jim, so true about being “genuine” & real on camera. People are so disinterested in over produced fluff that they’ve turned to watching hours of reality tv! I’m not saying it’s all real, but they make it “look” real, which is what viewers want.

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