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Mail Bag – Newsletter or Blog?

In this week’s episode I answer a viewer’s question about what is better for converting customers, a blog or newsletter and why are comments on blogs down? Don’t miss the powerful show!

3 Responses to “Mail Bag – Newsletter or Blog?”

  1. Adam says:

    You always provide valuable content. That is why I will be in Vegas.

  2. Ken Robinson says:

    Dear Jim,
    Your videos are gaining you business – three years ago while on holiday I was surfing the net and came across your newsletterguru.tv website.

    I had never heard of you ( I live in Australia ) and having watched one video I decided to watch another video due to the quality content. In no time at all, I had watched eight or nine of your videos.

    How did these videos impact me and help you?

    I was inspired by what you taught and as a result purchased two of your books on-line.

    Jim, while you were asleep on the other side of the world your videos were selling me on you and gave me the confidence to invest in your products.

    Since then, even though I have never met you in person or even had a discussion in person or on the phone I feel as though I know you personally. Just recently when your latest book was launched I purchased it without hesitation due to the impact your videos have had on me!

    If you ever wonder why you should keep up with your videos, remember that your videos have created a dedicated fan on the other side of the world!

    All the best,
    Ken Robinson

  3. Jim Palmer says:

    Hi Ken, I want to tell you that you have made my day, and perhaps week, with your awesome comment – thank you! The name of your business caught my eye and I’ll check out your web site! Doing weekly videos for four plus years can occasionally be a grind but notes like yours make it all worth while. I’d love to meet you sometime, perhaps at my event in Las Vegas?! Jim


  1. Mail Bag – Newsletter or Blog? - […] this week’s episode of Newsletter Guru TV, I answer a question I received in an email.  What’s better to…

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