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Immunity to Criticism

In this episode I share with you a very powerful and necessary strategy that every successful entrepreneur understands and uses as they grow their business

5 Responses to “Immunity to Criticism”

  1. Seston says:

    That’s a mold-breaker. Great tnhiking!

  2. Raphael says:

    Being 10 feet tall and bulletproof is what I get from this video. It is T-H-I-E-R loss if they cant see the grand vision for all that is happening in your business.

  3. The more successful you become as a business owner the more people will have a tendency to criticize and judge what you’re doing.

    Unfortunately, more times than not this is due to jealousy or resentment of your success.

    We’re all better of supporting each other than we are throwing stones, but you can’t control what others will do or say. All you can ocntrol is your response to it.

    What matters most is your results and that you’re being authentic in your marketing and your business. If you’re doing that and people are being critical then it’s their issue, not yours.

    We all make mistakes in life and business – the important thing is owning up to them and dealing with them.

    After you have done that, go make a positive difference in some lives and those critics voices always seem to fade into the background.

    Diane Conklin

  4. Jim, this is right on target and much needed. Many of us were raised to be compliant and concerned about what others think, so it can take years of work to develop this immunity to criticism. But unless we do this, we won’t take the risks or try things that can lead to our greatest successes.

    Your two filter questions are excellent for helping a person evaluate the legitimacy of someone else’s comment/criticism. I’ll keep that phrases “needless noise” in mind when I get feedback that attempts to tear down instead of build up.

    I also like this wisdom: Just because someone makes a statement does not mean it’s TRUE.

    Developing a thick skin is essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

  5. Christina says:

    I wish I watched this 2 years ago as I was building my business. I worked for another and the other employees were very negative. I began to doubt myself.

    The one thing I did hear, which Jim repeated was “are these experts?” No, they were naysayers who would not step up and do it, even if they could.

    @Diane: Exactly, the more successful you are, the more people see you and the more chances to be criticized. I see that the ones I worked with before were jealous of my dedication and tried to tear me down rather than build themselves.

    I grew up through that trial, however. It’s something I think everyone needs to go through. Those that give in will not never succeed. Those that learn to get over it become stronger.

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