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How a Newsletter Can Turn Prospects into Paying Customers

In this episode I’ll show you the secret on how to use a newsletter to turn cold prospects into paying customers!

9 Responses to “How a Newsletter Can Turn Prospects into Paying Customers”

  1. Odi says:

    I agree, newsletters that are easy and entertaining to read tend to convert a lot better than newsletters that are not. I think that what it comes down to here is that you kind of want to hide or mask your actual offer or product. People shouldn’t get the idea that you are actually trying to sell them something but that you are rather pointing out something really cool to them.

  2. Joey Anderson says:

    Thanks Jim, another great video from you. I’ve been following your video blog for quite some time now and so far I’ve found every vid you made very useful. I applied for your “no hassle newslettters” and I’m thinking of going for “no hassle social media” as well because that’s how much I like it.

  3. Nancy Taylor says:

    Yeah, I use my newsletter to gain trust with my potential customers rather than actually using it to sell something to them. If they want to buy something from me they know where to find me, after all they signed up for it in the first place and my URL is at the bottom of every page. Therefore, I don’t really push any offers in it, maybe briefly mention a product or something as I don’t want to give my readers the idea that they are reading a sales letter instead of a newsletter.

  4. Dina says:

    Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

  5. Jordan says:

    Great advices …I love the start of the show,and the snow is a great scene adition 😀

  6. Dr. Carney says:

    Okay Jim

    I’m MAD.

    No bloopers.

    Darn it.

    I love the Bloopers.

    Okay comments on this video.

    (SIDENOTE. Everyone should have your two books, Stick Like Glue and The Magic of Newsletter Advertising. Awesome content, awesome books.)

    I love Toby being in the videos. It adds something, but I’m a dog lover too.

    Your little excerpt on F.S.I. is like a WOW FACTOR. I’ve been doing newsletters for doctors and this little thought gave me some really cool ideas on how to make myself more money.

    And your comments on when to ADD the F.S.I. was another WOW FACTOR.

    I’m like you and I always tell my clients, build the relationship FIRST, then offer them the cheese.

    And you know what was really BAD about this episode.

    No Bloopers.


    Okay, well again, great job.

    There are always GEMS in your videos, all someone has to do is WATCH them.

    Getting people to actually sit down and comment on our videos was brilliant. I mean I’d love to be in your next book, so I plan on allotting a time, each and every day to write on two of your videos.

    That way, you’re going to get to know who I am, like it or not.

    I love doing personal emails, postcards, flyers and handouts, plus newsletters, so I’m going to reconsider spending the entire enchilada and get you to help me do my newsletters.

    Have a great day and keep making it happen.

    And Jim, stay healthy.

    Dr. Carney

  7. Charles Ogar says:

    Another great strategy to implement to build credibility with your prospects in your newsletters and/or FSI is to include testimonials and success stories of your current customers. Let your prospects know that you don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. This strategy is even more powerful is you’ve have given thought to what are some major barriers your prospects must pass to want to do business with you and then strategically placing however many testimonials needed, each one aimed at surmounting a particular barrier of your prospects.

  8. John Abbott says:

    Hey Jim,
    I noticed all the other comments are OLD. So I wanted to share a NEW one!

    I LOVED the idea of sending the newsletter to prospects and THEN do a teleseminar! Brilliant!

    Thank you!

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