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Don’t Forget to Tell Them What Else!

In this episode I share one of my secret strategies on how to turn one time transactions into long term profitable clients!

10 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Tell Them What Else!”

  1. Melissa Pahl says:

    Really great point, Jim – and it even works when you lose a bid. I just got word today that I ‘came in second’ for a pretty big project. But here is the good news – I wasn’t that sold on the project as it was for ‘brand development’ and I subscribe to the idea of really getting to know your customer (and letting your brand come from that knowledge). When I was notified that I didn’t win the brand project I was also told that every member of the board wanted to work with me on other marketing projects. So, even in losing I can win! One lost transaction = lots of great opportunity!

  2. Lindy says:

    I have really loved watching the videos on your website your so personable and easy to understand and trustworthy. I am going to spend a few more minutes watching some more.

  3. Bart says:

    I love Melissa’s example because how many times has this exact thing happened to us. It is amazing how sometimes the bad things in life bring out the best experiences in both life and business.

  4. Allison says:

    This is so true. Especially the success stories work very well in order to give potential clients that final push into transferring them to actual clients. I don’t introduce to a new product every time I send out a newsletter. I think it’s better to let them get accustomed to one product for a while and show to your subscribers what kind of great potential it actually has.

  5. Sadia says:

    Oh my god!!! You are really business Guru. Here is no word to me to praise you. But, it is must to say, your success stories are going to change my thinking.

  6. alice grant says:

    According to Jim, it is very essential to make long lasting client relationships. I totally agree with his views. If a client feels that you value his business, he will stay with you because you treat them as your partner, not only as somebody who generates profit.

  7. jeff davidson says:

    Working hand in hand will be great for any business. Keeping in contact is vital as well in making future transactions. This video is applicable to all the people I know. You’ved been a big help to me. Thanks!

  8. Matee says:

    Hhahahaa. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  9. Jordan says:

    Great video , great advice , just awesome

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