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Don’t Ask – Do it Anyway!

In this episode I teach an important marketing lesson generated from a question I received on Facebook.

4 Responses to “Don’t Ask – Do it Anyway!”

  1. Brian Bergh says:

    Hi Jim,
    Great advice. I had a conversation with one of my patient’s mom’s a couple of years ago regarding my newsletter. She was saying that exact thing, that she didn’t feel that a monthly newsletter was a good idea, that people had too much to read already. But get this. During our conversation she mentioned how she had given my newsletter to another parent because they were looking for an orthodontist. My eyes opened wide, and I realized then the power of a monthly newsletter. And also, to “not listen” to suggestions to stop the newsletter.

  2. Roan says:

    Hello Jim, thanks for the advise. People will probably keep on reading newsletters as long as they are interested in the topic. When people decide that they no longer want to read your letter it might not only be due to a dull newsletter but also because they have lost interest in the subject. Those people, who are no longer interested, are probably better to lose anyway since the change that they will buy something from you is almost zero.

  3. I think by doing a newsletter, it has let me be knowledgeable on my own subject, nutrition. The research and learning opportunities are what I enjoy about doing the newsletter.

    I have people on my list that actively pass it along and use the information. While it has yet to generate a client, I still feel the potential is there (I haven’t been doing it too long).

  4. Kathy Lenz says:

    We total agree with you Jim. Sending a newsletter the same time each month gives your clients a consistent and constant reminder of your business and your loyalty to them. Staying in constant contact with our clients has been the easiest way to increase our video production business. Loyal clients will always refer you to their friends and business associates. Using direct mail promotes one of the oldest forms of business advertising – Word-of-Mouth!

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