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Cold Calling in the 21st Century!

In this episode I talk about how to the unbelievable power of social media to rocket past the hurdle we must all overcome to gain a customer – know, like, and trust.

13 Responses to “Cold Calling in the 21st Century!”

  1. Shampa says:

    I agree with you. Social media is the most significant tool to accelerate business. Thanks for being with us & for sharing the thoughts.

  2. Jonathan says:

    You’re right Jim, social media is a great way to interact with your potential customers and it doesn’t even have to be a huge hassle to set it up either. Take Twitter for instance. You can easily link your blog page to your twitter account if you’re using WordPress (with the Twitter Tools plugin) and automatically let WordPress update your twitter account when something new is posted. You can even post regular tweets from your dashboard this way. Or you could use something like Facebook Connect to easily integrate your Facebook account with your blog.

  3. Alicia Peters says:

    “Cold Calling” is definitely true in accelerating a business. I always upload videos and blogs for my own. I have so many good feedbacks and closed many deals with the help of social media.

  4. Philip Paxton says:

    An interactive blog is very important to keep customers interested about your business. Jim is so right about everything he says. That’s why I keep on recommending this site to everyone that I know.

  5. Dick Mary says:

    I have been successful in my business, of course with the help of Jim’s videos. I always check this site out for the latest advise. I hope all the guests of this site will benefit from his magnificent tips!

  6. Harris Ford says:

    Needless to say, this video says what I want to hear– Success! Never did I get tired of watching his videos because it’s so useful. It’s actually applicable to my family’s business.

  7. Doc says:

    Yes! One of the first places I send my clients is to Social Media because of what you have described so well. Unfortunately, those businesses who ignore social media are not far from a death rattle. It is in the implementation that extends business life. Go Jim!

  8. Easy to understand how to get started in marketing yourself through social media. Nice to know resources are available as most people have “writers block” when it comes to promotions.

  9. Easy to understand ideas for becoming more visible using social media. Sure beats the old fashioned “cold calling” Resources look really good as most have “writers block” !

  10. Bob Gilbert says:

    Learn or churn, eh? Choose your destiny. Thanks, Jim for reframing the social media experience as an effective form of cold calling. What a great and safe way to let lots of people know more about you! Now I’m interested in learning about options and techniques from the No Hassle S-M program.

  11. Raphael says:

    The customers that choose to connect with you are the customers that will be the 1st to take advantage of your specials, marketing advantages for followers etc. Just get started. Jim, thanks for making it easy.

  12. Adam says:

    I agree with you. Social media accelerates business . Thanks for being easy to understand & for sharing the thoughts.

  13. Jim, you’re right on target with social media being the new method of successful cold calling. Consumers today “Buy”; they aren’t “sold” anymore. and people buy from people who they trust. Social media helps build your personal brand and creates the perception of you being an expert in your field. Once you’ve attained the “expert” reputation, people will be contacting you on Twitter and Facebook looking to buy YOUR products.

    Great Post!

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