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Achieve More with a Coach

In this episode I’ll share with you how you will achieve higher levels of success with a coach. This “fun-filled” episode is based on my getting ‘slapped’ around by my coach yesterday!

13 Responses to “Achieve More with a Coach”

  1. Debbie Tudor says:

    Thanks for putting this out, sharing! Thank God for your work and good advice. Watched it twice in a row…..

  2. Raphael Love says:

    A true coach can see where you weak, not accept your excuses and sees the path that you need to be on for you to cross the finish line as a winner.

  3. Richard Dean says:

    A mentor really can help you take your business to the next level. I never really had one my self but a friend of mine does and he says it has helped him a lot. Not only is the advise useful it also kind of forces you to take action since most people don’t want to let their mentor down.

  4. Makalah says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after serveal days struggling

  5. janet says:

    This helped improve my business and my life drastically. I am so happy to have taken my life to the next level. Thanks to your expertise Jim!

  6. edd says:

    I have to agree with you on this one Jim. Countless times I tried to pursue my own business fervently hoping that this will lead to an accomplishment. I have to admit that when I took your advise, it worked wonders for me. Thanks a lot!

  7. claire says:

    I noticed the effects on my friend when he had a couple of sessions with a life coach. I must say that his business was a total mess. What I see now is a friend who is optimistic and have a fresh outlook in life. I definitely love this video of yours.

  8. john says:

    Seriously, this video striked me. I never considered in having a coach myself. Then again, as I always do, I follow your advise. I know that I am on the right way to success. Thank you so much Jim.

  9. elise says:

    Having a coach means so much to a man who wants pure success. They focus on your weak points and make you the best of yourself. Again Jim, you’ved done a fantastic job in this video.

  10. marie says:

    This is really an encouraging video. A coach really brings the best in you by making oneself push themselves to the limit. This is actually guaranteed to work.

  11. I value coaching so much that I have spent $10,700 on three different coaches.

    Coach number one had his own agenda and kept nudging me into an MLM program.

    Coach number two spent a lot of time focusing on my personal relationships, although I wanted to focus on business.

    Coach number 3 (an Anthony Robbins coach, BTW) was a sheer pleasure to work with and the least expensive of the lot.

    My conclusion? Coaches are like therapists. You need to resonate with your coach. It HAS to be a match between the two of you. If you’re not on the same page your sessions will become dreaded appointments instead of an hour you’re looking forward to spending together.

  12. Dr. Carney says:

    This is one of the mos inspirational episodes yet. And the backdrop was GREAT too. Got my attention right out of the box, but the video of the coach and the player was life changing for me. And you’re 100% right. You have to have someone you’re accountable to if you want SUCCESS and QUICKLY. If not, you’re not going to do as much. And yeah, we need to be challenged or we will move back into our COMFORT ZONE. Focus is what most of us LOSE OUT on. Everyone has a mentor and a coach, at least the successful people do. I love masterminds and I love mentors. Thanks for being one of mine. My goals are now even bigger than they ever were.
    Dr. Carney

  13. James Dutton says:

    The power of a great coach has no price! We all need someone to blindfold us from our own limiting beliefs and challenge us to go the distance. There is a mastermind created when you work with a coach and combined the imagination of two or more. This power has been proven time and time again to lead many to success. A coach also provides a third party examination of what is working and would could be working. This view can never be seen by someone sitting so close to the picture. Thank you Mr. Palmer for not just being a great coach but, being an ultimate coach by offering the tools to help us execute in the most important area of our business… Marketing!

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