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1-2-3 Your Marketing Might Not Be Broken

In this episode of Newsletter guru TV I share my thoughts on why your marketing might not be broken, and I also share with you my “1-2-3 Marketing Fix” to make sure it fires on all cylinders! Don’t miss this very informative episode.

2 Responses to “1-2-3 Your Marketing Might Not Be Broken”

  1. Phil Brakefield says:

    Jim…this episode really stands out, even in the four year old field of kick-butt episodes.

    The 3-2-1 observations will resonate especially strongly with my clients, who are for the most part brick and mortar store owners and operators, and with your permission I will share your thoughts with them…AND give you credit for the insights.

    I will also add a little tweak to the formula. You touched on it in passing during your video. It’s not one that’s always “doable” but I have found in my own business it ALWAYS blows people away. When someone asks about closing time, especially if it’s towards the end of the day, whenever possible, I always ask if it would help them out of a jam if I “stay late” and meet them if they are in a bind. That holds true if I am working in our trade show stores or am at the office. More often than not, the customer ends up not taking me up on the offer, but they always are stunned. Granted there have been a few times that I’ve still been in the convention hall until 8pm when the show officially closed at 5, but the immediate sales, and more importantly, referrals and word of mouth are more than worth the extra “on my feet” time.

    Michael Jordan tells the story of wanting to buy his dad a Cadillac, and the elder Mr. Jordan showed up at the dealership right as they were locking the doors for the evening. The sales guy had no idea who Mr. Jordan was, but he unlocked the door, ushered him in, and worked with him for as long as it took to get him fixed up with the exact car he wanted. Michael says that dealership sold WAY more than one car that night!

    • Thanks for the great comment Phil – although I’ve come to know you as someone that truly ‘get this stuff!’ I love your additional comment and have extended our ‘open hours’ on numerous occasions as it is, as you point out, a great way to wow our customers, creating more raving fans!

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